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The Brainard firm has long represented clients in matters relating to divorce, custody, child support, paternity, adoption, prenuptial agreements, and guardianships.  See our page on Family Law for more detailed information.

Whether you are considering a new case, or need to have your older case revisited (such as to modify child support or custody), contact our office for advice.


Whether one is 30 or 90 years of age, everyone should have a plan in the event of his or her death.  Without a valid Will, the State of Illinois decides how and to whom your hard-earned property should be distributed.  In some cases, alternatives to traditional wills, like trusts, deeds transferable upon death, and other devices, might be more appropriate.  Wills and other similar instruments should be reviewed and updated from time to time, especially after major life changes, such as divorce, remarriage, or the death of intended beneficiaries.  Contact our office for a consultation regarding your wishes, and we will figure out a solution to accomplish those wishes.

We also draft Powers of Attorney for Healthcare and for Property. Those documents, if you have them already, should be updated regularly, especially in case major life events have happened since those documents were signed.

When a person passes away, their original will should be promptly located filed with the County Court.  Whether a formal probate action must be filed depends on several factors, such as the type of assets involved and the monetary size of the decedent's assets.  In some cases, affidavits alone may suffice to ensure transfer of property, like bank accounts.  Our office can help you through this difficult time.  The firm has handled estates, will contests, and other probate-related matters for many decades.  Contact our office to discuss the particulars of your situation.


The firm routinely handles general litigation and collection matters.  If you feel someone owes you money, or has damaged your property, then we can help.  If you are a landlord, and require an eviction of a tenant or advice regarding leases or other property issues, then our firm can be of assistance.  We represent a number of landlords in the Coles County community.  Give us a call to discuss your case.

We also represent and defend people being sued, by collection agencies and other entities.  If a collection agency is pursuing you for a debt, contact our office for a no-cost consultation.

Our office is here to protect your rights, whether trying to collect or defending against being collected from.


The bankruptcy field is an area of particular interest to Mr. Pondenis.  He has assisted thousands of clients in receiving a discharge of their debts, and has handled creditor's lawsuits in some of those actions.  He also serves as counsel for a chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee in various litigation matters in Federal Court.  Visit the Bankruptcy page for more information.


Brainard Law Offices is available to draft any deeds or closing documents you might require for real estate transactions, and to attend real estate closings.  The firm also handles other real estate issues, such as boundary disputes and property damage.

We act as registered agents for a number of local corporations and businesses, and prepare the required annual reports for those businesses.  The firm also drafts contracts, leases, loan documents, or other documents needed by local businesses.  Contact us to discuss your business or real estate needs.


Mr. Pondenis has handled many appeals of adverse decisions, in both State and Federal Courts.  If you have had a case decided against you, whether in State or Federal Court, you have a limited time to file an appeal.  Consult with an experienced appellate firm, like Brainard Law Offices, as soon as possible in order to protect your right to an appeal.


It is impossible to characterize the work we perform into a few general categories.  For many decades, we've been here, and are still here, to serve your family's needs, whatever those may be.  For example, we have handled Social Security disability cases, intellectual property issues, traffic and criminal matters, and so on.  If you have an issue or concern, feel free to contact us for a consultation to see how we can help you.